Monday, June 13, 2011

#10 Can Stove Cooker

Need a creative gift idea?  Have too many used #10 and pantry cans? 
Try making the #10 Can Stove Cooker to be used in case of power outages, save energy, camping or just for fun.

Thanks to Jodi and Julie of Food Storage Made Easy . net for the tutorial.








  • #10 can
  • 4 mini bags of charcoal in ziploc bags
  • 4 bags of Quickfire
  • 4 packs of matches
  • cooking pot (any can, if it has a plastic lid, remove it to cook) This example uses a Shelf Reliance Pantry Can.
  • cut iron rods (coat hanger) to insert into can, and place pot on top of
To purchase Quickfire for your #10 Can Stove visit 

PDFdirections for making the #10 Can Stove.

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