My Story

Saving time, money and eating healthier while meeting wonderful people was a no brainer for me.
I love my job” is something I never thought I would say, but here I am, saying it loud and proud.

I started this journey by hosting a home party to save myself some money on food and I was hooked.  I tried different products and this is the best tasting and healthiest I have found.    I thought when I started purchasing product I would pack it away in my basement for those “just in case” events, but I was so misguided. Not only do I use my “food storage” everyday, but I love the taste and convenience of it.
After all, who doesn't eat food?  Who doesn't want to save money on their groceries?  Who doesn't want to eat healthy?  Who doesn't want to save time when they are cooking? 

Oh, did I mention I’m also making money and building my very own “Home Grocery Store” at the same time.  I think I did but just to get the point across I thought I would say it again.


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