Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mushrooms will be back mid June.

Well all of you that are missing the Thrive Freeze Dried Mushrooms you will be happy to know they are scheduled back mid June.  I have thrown away so much money in spoiled slimy fresh shrooms that this is one of the first items I purchased from the THRIVE line.  I was leery to try them simply because I love mushrooms so much.  WOW, pleasantly surprised.  So easy to use, simply reconstitute in a little bit of water.  I love them sauteed, in spaghetti sauce, or simply placed in a light broth with a few veggies.  Don't judge but I also throw them in with my ramen noodles.  Yes, gourmet ramen made with THRIVE veggies.  Quick dinner on the run.

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